This Friendship Day celebrate being #FriendsFirst with Platinum Love Bands!

5 August, 2019: Its Friendship day! And who is that one person that comes to your mind when you think of your best friend? If the answer is your better half, you know the relationship you share is truly rare.

Platinum Days of Love, #FriendsFirst campaign wants you to remember that your partner might be your lover but before everything else, you are #FriendsFirst. This friendship day celebrate the relationship that has no inhibitions, that has no conditions, accepts you in all your flaws and imperfections, but gently allows you to grow. If Friendship is your foundation of love, so special, that it deserves to be celebrated with an equally rare and precious metal – Platinum.

Being one of the rarest of precious metals in the world, platinum is universally regarded as the ‘love metal’. In India platinum love bands are synonymous with celebrating love and marking special & intimate moments and milestones in relationships between couples.

This Friendships day seal the promise of being #FriendsFirst with Platinum Love Bands. The masculine and feminine platinum rings have complementary designs with matched central motifs bringing alive individuality amidst togetherness: when you appreciate the differences as much as you appreciate the similarities and common interests. Just like friends do.Every design in this collection is crafted as a pair, for him and her, striking a balance between masculine and feminine design sensibilities, yet connecting them through a singular design expression of love. The design narrative represents the story of the rare and precious love shared between couples and reflects the modern & progressive values like equality, respect, gratitude and friendship.

This Friendship Day, celebrate the fact that you will always be #FriendsFirst with your partner and mark the beautiful friendship that you share with your special someone with Platinum Love Bands!

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