Newly weds Neel and Trina start a Valentine’s Day challenge on Reels


Kolkata, 13th February 2021.

Kolkata’s sweethearts, Neel Bhattacharya and Trina Saha recently tied the knot, all the while making sure their fans had a window into all the wedding festivities with their Instagram posts, Stories and Reels. Now, as the world prepares to celebrate Valentine's Day on 14th February, #TriNeel who will be hosting their wedding reception on the same day, have started a new Instagram - #TriNeel #CouplesChallenge - to inspire other couples to reel in some love. 


As a part of the challenge, Neel and Trina have posted three reels each on their Instagram accounts @neel_bhattacharya and @trinasaha21, further setting #couplegoals for others. All these Reels focus on the strong bond between the couple as well as the love they share and celebrate, everyday since they have been together. 


  • In the first Reel, which was posted by Neel on his Instagram account, #Trineel are seen quizzing each other on questions shared by fans to understand how well they know one another. In the video, the couple are seen pointing at the one who cooks better, is a better singer and who gets angry first. 
  • In the second Reel posted on Trina’s handle, she is seen challenging Neel and other couples to do something tricky like touching his nose using his tongue, and testing his memory to check to see how well he remembers key relationship milestones. 
  • The third Reel showcases the progression of Neel and Trina’s love story over the years as it has grown - from their first date to the wedding, and was posted by both Neel and Trina onto their Instagram handles. 


Speaking about the challenge, ActorNeel Bhattacharya said, “This year has been super special as Trina, the love of my life, and I decided to take the plunge. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love - and I am blessed to be spending it with my beloved, friends and family. Along with this, I am also excited to start the #TriNeel #CouplesChallenge, as Trina and I love making Reels to keep our fans entertained.”


Commenting here, Actress Trina Sahasaid,”Neel and I have always loved doing our own versions of challenges on Instagram Reels, and sharing these with our fans. As we look forward to celebrating our first Valentine's day together as a married couple, we wanted to do something fun and engaging. This challenge is also our way to involve more fans and friends into our wedding celebrations, and we look forward to more people joining in.” 


People can post reels on Instagram using #TriNeel and #CouplesChallenge hashtags to get a chance for their Reel to be featured on Neel and Trina’s Instagram accounts..