Police Uncovers Counterfeit Tube Makers in Gangapur City


Gangapur, June, 2021.

 As the number of counterfeit products in the packed tube industry is seeing an increase, the police department proactively conducted a raid at a manufacturing location in Gangapur City, Rajasthan.

The police had arrested the owner of the manufacturing location - Imran Khan and Akbar Khan.

The police have seized equipment being used in the counterfeit operations like 1560 pieces of counterfeit CEAT tubes, one CEAT Die, 1200 pieces of CEAT Poly Plastic Packing, two pieces of Screen-Printing Plates, four pieces of Poly Packing Machines and four pieces of Heating Die.  

With the sale of counterfeit/ duplicate tube being rampant in the markets of Rajasthan and its neighbouring states, it is important for the customers to be informed about buying the original tubes from the authentic sources. Shopkeepers should unquestionably restrict stocking duplicate tubes.

Counterfeit / Duplicate tubes are made from poorer grade material and provide lower quality performance including poor wear of the tube over a long period of time. The customers should avoid buying counterfeit /duplicate cheap tubes by learning to identify and differentiate the original from the fake by closely examining the packaging, and buying from the authorised dealers of the brands.