Snapchat presents exciting lenses to celebrate Friendship Day


Snapchat presents exciting lenses to celebrate Friendship Day, from virtual hugs to sharing goofy moments make this day extra special with Snap.The lenses are designed for real friends to express themselves with ease and create memorable moments together. Snapchatters can now share virtual hugs, appreciate their friends by narrating a brief story about them, answer fun questions or simply share the qualities they appreciate in their friends through these lenses.

While physically distant, Snapchatters are checking in on one another and keeping their connections strong. According to Snapchat’s second edition of the Friendship Report, covid has further accelerated the importance of digital connections in India with nearly 91% saying that they have helped friends maintain their relationship, regardless of age and for 76% of the ones surveyed, those conversations have been deeper, rather than focusing on surface-level topics

This year once again, Snapchat celebrates the importance of real friends in our lives with these lenses.