HappyPlus Consulting, India’s only HR-Tech startup, makes the science behind happiness accessible to all


HappyPlus Consulting, led by Dr Ashish Ambasta, has made unprecedented inroads in making happiness a habit for everyone, with the help of its technology and experts. It is the country’s first and only HR-Tech company that is changing the way people look at happiness in life and in the workplace. 

Working with employers of various sizes and from different sectors, HappyPlus has measured happiness and stress levels of more than 20,000 employees (including blue-collar workers).


The genesis of HappyPlus lay in one of the interviews of cricketer MS Dhoni where he mentioned about a metre to measure happiness as he evaded controversial questions. Though he was joking then, it made me think why can't there be something like a metre which can measure joy or happiness at one particular moment...And now, after seven years, HappyPlus is born," Dr Ambasta, the founder, said.


Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), HappyPlus lays down a scientific framework to raise levels of consciousness, connection and competence that directly improve our happiness quotient. The scientific tracks and actions that are suggested based on our concerns are backed by an expert panel of psychologists, counsellors and analysts. Qualitative and quantitative research back all of HappyPlus Consulting’s coaching/mentoring programmes and surveys.


HappyPlus Consulting has been walking the talk through truly innovative measures. It has recently launched the free-for-all app, “ASHA” (Active Support through HappyPlus Application) that is geared to listen to users talking about their workplace stress and provide the appropriate solution. ASHA will measure the stress levels based on HappyPlus’ proprietary scientific algorithms and parameters and recommend ways to tackle the anxiety. The B2C app has clocked a significant number of downloads. 


Afterall, HappyPlus’ recent survey revealed 39 percent of employees are highly stressed and need immediate attention, while 54 percent of employees are often stressed. Having done incisive surveys on mental well-being, HappyPlus is now set to launch India’s most comprehensive study on happiness.


HappyPlus recently joined hands with integrative cancer therapy provider, ZenOnco.in, to successfully track the moods of cancer patients and provide insights to doctors and caregivers on their mental health. The application ‘Happy+’ was devised to provide solutions and activities (such as guided meditation) to usher in more happiness in the lives of such patients.


Reaching millions more people with HappyPlus Consulting’s happiness mantra, a partnership with the national broadcaster, ABP Live, brings out a series of podcasts titled, “Happiness Express”, featuring Dr Ambasta and RJ Dilip. Jam-packed with tips to manage stress and balance work and life, Dr Ambasta also hosts leaders such as business heads of renowned companies, industry veterans such as CEOs, CHROs and partners of consulting firms to share their insights on striving for happiness.


HappyPlus Consulting is now ready to recognise the happiest workplaces in India. It launched“The Happiest Workplaces Awards-2021-22”, in March, 2021, and will announce the winners for making genuine efforts towards employee wellbeing at the workplace in March, 2022.


HappyPlus Consulting has worked closely with Tata Steel long Products, TM International (Logistics), Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL), the ABP Network and a leading health insurance company, among others, to help them achieve organisational happiness.


Propelling HappyPlus forward are its investors looking to close the next round of funding in a few months. It has already seen pre-series angel funding of an undisclosed amount from a Dubai-based HNI. 


HappyPlus is making strides into other markets too. In West Asia, it is working with one of the largest hospital chains (Dubai), and intends to enter the US by the end of 2021. HappyPlus has added clients in the healthcare, pharma, insurance and FMCG sectors over the last year.


Unprecedented times call for pioneers and innovation. The post-pandemic world that all of us have been thrust into needs us to approach life differently from the pre-Covid days. HappyPlus Consulting is working hard to equip as many as possible with actionable guides to infuse more happiness in our lives in these times.