World University of Design welcomes new Design students with Immersive Inception


Sonepat, 04 August, 2022.

As the new academic session for students across the country begins, World University of Design is all set with its arms wide open for freshmen of year 2022-23 with Immersive Inception – a unique induction programme that is in lines with UGC’s Deeksharambh. The induction programme started on August 1st, 2022.

Since their foundation, the university has made attempts to regularly come forth with comprehensive ways of engaging new entrants and helping them in embracing the university as their new home. The orientation programme will be two-forked and will go on till the 12th of August 2022.

The first part will encompass the aspect of socializing and experiencing giving the students an immersion in various aspects of design, like films, AR/VR, Automobile Dynamics & Design, Fashion Design, and Digital & Interactive Design etc on one hand and getting them to meet each other, seniors and professionals from the field. In this process the students will gauge a lot more than they did before entering the gates of the university. For experiential nurturing they will be brought to attend workshops everyday in small groups so as to encourage discussions and interactions.

The second part will make the students plunge deep into the world of WUD, strengthening their association with the university and their choice of school, as also to familiarize them with the rules and regulations prevalent within the premises, governance issues, student support and so on.

As in previous years a mentor will be assigned to small groups of students to conduct various group activities. So, while the students will be given insights about the subjects they have opted for, the schools they have chosen, they will also be taken through lectures by eminent members of the WUD faculty. Through a series of cultural and creative arts, literary activities and other extracurricular activities, students will be oriented toward the kind of life they should be expecting of themselves in the upcoming tenure of the course they wish to pursue, including a brief visit to the local area.

School cut offs, admission processes and a vast sea of avenues can be very overwhelming for students. It is this time when a student creates a vision of his future which can immensely be enhanced by the right kind of mentoring at the campus. While they can help the students understand courses offered by various schools within the university so as to help them build up a perception and make up their mind, they have to very delicately walk students through the various troughs and mounds that will always accompany them through their lives at the university and beyond - like peer pressure, relationships with associates, human needs (self and body), their expectations of themselves and those of their families, aspirations and prosperity.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta – Vice Chancellor, WUD feels confident and excited to welcome the new batch, he says, “The experience of watching little students transform into headstrong professionals is surreal. It makes you feel that your purpose of being around on the face of the earth is fulfilled as you are not just touching the lives of these students for their better future but also on a larger canvas contributing to making a self-reliant nation. At WUD we are all geared up to house yet another crop of young, enigmatic designers.”