Ehsaas, Delhi presents 'The Mystical Mountains': An online solo exhibition by Artist Vinod Sharma


New Delhi, May 2023.


Ehsaas, Delhi presents artist Vinod Sharma's solo online exhibition, 'The Mystical Mountains' depicting the ageless, mystical Himalayas and their serenity which became the perfect home for Lord Shiva from Monday, May 15th to June 15th, 2023. The show being curated by Manisha Gawade and supported by Arthouse by AV, Dubai.


The Mystical Mountains celebrates the simplistic use of colour aligning it with the minimalistic zen philosophy – simple yet very powerful. Vinod Sharma's colour palette ranges from black and white to natural shades and sometimes to even primary hues of reds and blues. His technique is unique to him which he has developed and perfected over four long decades.


Explaining his experience, Sharma remarks, ‘The legends say that Shiva had wisely chosen the Himalayas as his home amidst the snow-capped mountains away from the maddening world in the lap of nature, where his mind controlled the world. This is my tribute to that level of self-restraint and control over one’s senses which empowered Shiva to take over the entire universe. Silent, yet powerful. Deep within yet holding the physical world in His fist.


Talking about the exhibition and the artist, curator Manisha Gawade exclaimed, ‘Vinod Sharma’s understanding of the mountainous terrains is uncanny and intense. The presence of the artist’s meditative state melts into the hearts and minds of the onlooker.


A journalist, internationally acclaimed artist, curator and designer herself, Manisha Gawade has curated the exhibition and extends support via her gallery Ehsaas that she created along with her sister Dr. Alka Raghuvanshi bringing breakthroughs in the Indian art landscape.


The show receives strong anchorage from Ambika Vohra who has carved out a niche for herself in the world of art by encouraging young emerging talent from the Subcontinent, Europe and Middle East, giving them windows of opportunity.


Vinod Sharma Artist’s Profile: Vinod Sharma, a master of fine arts from Baroda was born in 1953. With thirty-five solo exhibitions to his credit, the artist has been a part of some of the best group exhibitions and art camps the world over. His works have been widely celebrated in Japan, Egypt, Germany, Thailand, Switzerland, London, Hong Kong and New Zealand to name a few.


The artist Is often invited to judge prestigious art competitions at national and international levels by the Government, art organisations as well as important schools and universities.


Some of his achievements include organising art camps and seminars for the NCERT, Dissertation on 20th Century Printmakers, Technique & Vision, he has designed Murals & Interiors at Trade Fair Society, New Delhi. He served as Director of Aakar Art Gallery and Chandigarh.


Some of his important collections comprise of Collections are a part of the Modern art museum, New Delhi, Museum of Art, Chandigarh, apart from innumerable private collections in India and abroad.


Manisha Gawade About the Curator: Manisha Gawade wears many creative hats as a journalist, internationally acclaimed artist, Curator, and designer. Manisha Gawade has contributed widely to the media from television and radio to the print media. She has been a part of more than 132 painting exhibitions the world over and many of her paintings form a part of serious museum collections as well as Palace collections in Oman and Dubai, Europe and South America. She has been working with more than 200 weavers in the past few years and has curated several textile exhibitions for them to give them a bigger platform.


The show is presented by Ehsaas: Ehsaas was started as an important initiative in 2012 founded by two sisters, Dr. Alka Raghuvanshi and Manisha Gawade, who had only one single aim, which was to bring all the combined arts - dance, music, theatre, painting, sculptures and weaving together on one single platform. Ehsaas has played an important role in the lives of artists and artisans ever since and saved many struggling artists and weavers from the remotest of villages of India giving them a bigger market and exposure in India and the world over. It has been a huge victory for Ehsaas to make art wearable and usable, with the first ever and largest wearable installation bringing together the finest names in the country on  one single stage through various exhibitions.


Keepsakes, was another huge step under the same concept where Manisha worked tirelessly for five years to showcase art on furniture which has to date never been replicated or attempted anywhere else internationally in bespoke furniture. Both the sisters who have been journalists, curators and artists, have been widely written about and celebrated by the international media for many decades through their constant and dedicated art journey creating ripples for their pioneering work.