Grandmaster Akshar graced the Global Leadership Conference as an elite speaker


December,2019: Grandmaster Akshar, (Siddha from the Himalayas), was cordially invited as one of the main speakers at the Global Leadership Conference in California; organised by one of his disciples Master Sri Akarshana. The 3-day event, which witnessed 300 participants from all over the world, focused on delivering techniques and a power-packed motivational dosage to encourage the people in exploring their potential of being a true leader in business, embrace freedom lifestyle, maximise their vision and more. Grandmaster Akshar addressed the participants and highlighted the secrets of a successful life and the importance of yoga and spirituality. He invited all the participants to the abode of Spiritual enlightenment:- the Maha Himalayas.

Grandmaster Akshar said "Today, people from all over the world are in dire need to breakthrough but are unaware of the fact that they need to do so. Grand networking platforms such as the Global Leadership Conference are a necessary step in enabling people to gain vision and ability to transform themselves, to live a fulfilling life. I hope my session, which focused on spreading the message of Himalayas through yoga and spirituality will encourage people to leverage the profound knowledge to achieve success in their lives." 

 During the session, Grandmaster Akshar discussed the secrets of The Himalayas from his newly launched book Yoga Namaskar. The intense training, spread over three days enabled many participants to push the limits of their mental and physical abilities. One of the participants, Angela, a young woman from Florida, was profoundly impacted by the learning and now plans to head to India for pursuing spiritual practices and yogic traditions, to transform her life. Another participant, Lucy, an entrepreneur from the UK, expressed her gratitude towards Grandmaster Akshar for enabling her to explore her inner self which would only help manifest the best version of herself. 

Other speakers of the event included Master Sri Akarshana - Spiritual Master, International Speaker and Influencer, Author and Humanitarian and Preston Smiles -Coach, International Speaker, Influencer, and a bestselling author. His most recent philanthropic effort is the formation of the “I AM CREATOR” movement which is aimed to bring Global leaders and creators together to help better the wold by channelling their skills and talents.   The event attracted participants from across the globe with different backgrounds, cultural values and understanding, who joined the platform with the singular objective of enlightening themselves with the higher wisdom of spirituality, leadership and fulfilment.