Manipal Hospitals Successfully Removes 9 kg Tumor to Give New Lease of Life to 41-year-old Patient


BANGALORE, 9 October, 2019: Manipal Hospitals Bangalore successfully removed a 9 kg tumor to give new lease of life to 41-year-old patient from West Bengal. Dr. Shabber S. ZaveriSurgical Oncologist, Manipal Hospitals Bangalore, and his team conducted the path-breaking surgery.

Patient Atal Sarkar was presented to surgical oncology OPD with severe abdomen pain and distention from the past 3 months. He was also experiencing severe weight loss. On clinical examination, he had 20x15cms mass in the left and central abdomen, which was hard with restricted mobility. Clinical suspicion of GIST/ Retroperitoneal sarcoma was made and he had been evaluated with CT scan abdomen and CT guided biopsy.

Sharing details of the case study, Dr. Shabber S. Zaveri, Surgical Oncologist, Manipal Hospitals Bangalore, said"Investigations showed large retroperitoneal mass with significant displacement of bowel loops along with compression and narrowing of ureters. The patient had been explained regarding the nature of the illness, complications of surgery along with the high risk involved in the procedure and he had been posted for major laparotomy plus wide excision of the mass. During surgery, a large mass arising from retroperitoneum which was densely adherent to the left psoas major muscle, left ureter and the blood vessels that supply the genitalia. Mass was very close and adherent to left iliac vessels that supply the left lower limb. Mass had been carefully separated from all these structures and thorough hemostasis achieved. Intraoperative blood loss was around 100ml. He responded well to the surgery and was on clear fluids. He was later discharged from the hospital without any complications or immediate or undue prolongation of hospital stay."

Dr. Shabber S. Zaveri, Surgical Oncologist, Manipal Hospitals Bangalore, continues, "It was a Cancerous tumor growing behind the intestines. The patient was not able to eat and walk and in fact, his normal life was disrupted. He went to a doctor in West Bengal where they suggested that he had a huge tumor and needs surgical intervention. Therefore he was at Manipal Hospitals where he was thoroughly investigated. We decided to conduct the surgery to remove the tumor that weighed around 9 kgs. The surgery went up to more than 6 hours and the beauty of the surgery is that we did not have to remove any vital organs like kidneys, intestines and therefore his recovery was rapid. He was discharged within a week. In fact, he was the sole breadwinner for his family and therefore it was important that he recovered well from surgery. There were no further treatments like chemotherapy or radiation as the tumor was completely recovered and he was healed for life. The tumor is never likely to return."