If we are together, we are bound to be successful – Mr. Atul Malikram


PR24x7 Team

Jaipur, May 22, 2020.

Job losses and salary cuts endured by thousands of Indians may look like a minor problem as compared to the disaster global pandemic Covid 19 is causing, but one cannot deny that this a glimpse of what we will be facing in the upcoming days. The economic crisis is now clearer than before. The lockdown has resulted 122 million Indian to lose their jobs in April alone. Companies are either giving temporary lay- offs or are rusticating their employees single-handedly. While most of the companies are cutting off their workers and employees, North India’s renowned Public relations firm, PR24x7 has taken an entirely different route to combat the with the crushing economy.

Mr. Atul Malikram, Founder and director of PR24x7 has announced increment in the salary of 40% of his employees. At this time, when most of the companies and organizations are laying off their employees disregarding their family situations to stand upright in the market, Mr. Atul Malikram is giving hike to motivate his motivate his employees to work with double efficiency. According to Mr. Malikram, “Downfall of economy is a communal problem.

It is imperative that some companies weigh the economic cost of the lockdown on its people. I believe this is the time to stand in unity for the nation. My employees are a part of my family we cannot just cut them off when need arises. In fact, this is the perfect time to give them opportunities to bring out their talents and expertise. Separation is not a way to win this fight. In order to win, we have stay and fight together.”

“Workshops are organized from time to time to enhance the skills and knowledge of our employees. As a responsible human being, we need to look out for each other during difficult times. A Company is always tied to its employees through an unbreakable bond. If we are together, we are bound to be successful”, he adds.

The organization has not gave lay -offs to any of its employees. On the contrary, the company is giving ample of chances and opportunities to all its employees to prove themselves. Amid these continue strings of job losses, PR24x7 has shown how catastrophes can be tackled if we stay together, support each other and have faith in ourselves.