The pandemic and ensuing lockdown has given us a moment to pause and reconsider what freedom truly means to us. To Priya Hebbar, who also goes by the name Faynyx, a music producer, vocalist & guitarist, freedom is a state of happiness, a form of expression; and her latest music track exemplifies this feeling. #FaynyxMovement, Priya’s latest creative venture features prominent artistes from across the globe such as Jim Sarbh and Bani J, who embody their own form of freedom, from meditation to painting, pole dancing to hip-hop, ballet to drama, weight lifting to plain playfulness, set against a hypnotic, ethereal track.


Composer, writer and producer, Faynyx is driven by the mantra of creating music that can make a difference. #FaynyxMovement is one such track that she envisioned to ignite a larger movement that would question and reimagine perceptions of freedom in a time when the meaning of the word has been tested the most.


Artiste Faynyx shared, “These unprecedented times have proven that freedom is a state of mind. While the pandemic has brought our rushed lives to a standstill, it has also offered us the chance to reevaluate our priorities and has given us a moment to reboot. For some, this has opened their eyes to an alternate reality where we do not conform to societal expectations, for others it has been an opportunity to heal or rediscover our roots that make us who we are. And, this is the concept that I wanted to bring alive with my music and the video. I am blessed to have received the opportunity to connect with like-minded, creative collaborators who lent their individuality to this endeavour, helping bring my vision to life.”


Shaping the beautifully fluid narrative of Freedom Dance is the immensely talented trio, directors Divya Gupta, Shreya Patel and Sachhi Kawachi. Adding to this talented team is Priyanshi Mehta as the digital expert and Tanvi Gandhi as the editor. The video sees an eclectic mix of renowned personalities sharing their stories and interpretation of freedom through Freedom Dance and joining the #FaynyxMovement. Popular VJ and actor Bani J debunks stereotypes by lifting heavy weights while the versatile artiste, Jim Sarbh personifies his freedom by caring for his plants and kitten. The video features him doing what he loves doing most: reading out loud to an audience of his beloved plants. Renowned ballerina and model, Felicia Tan, demonstrates her freedom by dancing on an empty, graffiti-lined street. Artist, model and dancer, Aleksandra Girskaya uses bold dance moves and splashes of paint, movements that are symbolic of ridding herself of anger she held within. Fashion journalist, blogger and television personality, Stefan Howrath, cross-dresses, in carefree self-expression.


Jim Sarbh while sharing his thoughts on the #FaynyxMovement said, “Freedom is an entirely personal concept that each individual can experience only through the lens they have and the circumstances they are in. Freedom? That is not something I can take, that is what unknowable forces have awarded me. I can give myself responsibilities: I can tidy up my room, water some plants, act, raise mimi (my kitten), connect with friends and family, read, and hopefully these things will bring meaning to my life. I really enjoyed discussing freedom and what it means to me with the composer and the director and the rest of the team. Consequently I felt ‘free’ while shooting.”


Talking about the Freedom Dance, Bani J said, “My interpretation of freedom is to be in a space where judgement, second guessing, resentment- none of that exists, where none of that has any sort of a hold over my present moment. The whole idea of the #FaynyxMovement or Freedom Dance was extended to me at such an interesting time. I loved Priya’s thought behind the video, the lyrics, the whole intention!”