With Eutopia, T&T Group Projecting A Staggering 80% Market Share Of The Ghaziabad Mid-segment And Luxury Housing Industry


GHAZIABAD, India, Oct. 31, 2020.

Housing sales have shown decent improvement in top cities across the country, including Ghaziabad, ahead of the festive season, and with the rebounding housing and property industry in the region, its big players like digital housing developer T&T Group are optimistic about acquiring a huge chunk of the market share. Such optimism may actually be considered well-grounded, at least in T&T's case, because even as home sales in Ghaziabad sank by more than 62.9% during Jan 2020 - Sep 2020 due to the coronavirus lockdown, T&T Group not only bucked the trend but emerged as the undisputed winner in the scenario by acquiring more than 50% market share of the mid-segment (Rs 60 - 90 lakhs) housing section. According to a report by a property consultant, the collective Sold Units Value for the Ghaziabad housing industry plummeted from Rs 2,845 Cr in 2019 to Rs 1,055 Cr this year; however, T&T Group remarkably maintained, and to a great extent augmented, their pre-lockdown momentum in making 5 times more home sales than what an average housing developer made during the lockdown. The group's CEO, Ankush Tyagi, mainly attributed this feat to "the new policies designed by [his] group in view of the pandemic, as well as to the ever-increasing demand among millennial homebuyers for [their] digital T-Homes apartments." He further added, "Most importantly, our success can be owed to the fact that the T-Homes apartments are really good value for money as homebuyers get an apartment for Rs 90 lakhs which they would otherwise get for at least Rs 2 Cr from other housing developers in the NCR, in addition to our delivery of an excellent customer experience so far."

Recently, T&T Group unveiled their much-anticipated luxury housing project, Eutopia, which the group has dubbed an 'epitome of perfection'. Centered on the idea of delivering uncompromised luxury and space, the project also focuses on providing homebuyers with a hassle-free, healthy lifestyle by offering features like Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)-powered apartments, touchless elevators, out-of-doors air pollution control units, and hundreds of therapeutic plants inside the premise. According to Ankush Tyagi, it will be a one-of-its-kind luxury project in Delhi-NCR as "it will give its users an unprecedented luxury experience with remarkable features, some of which have never been offered before in any luxury housing project." With no other project like Eutopia in sight in the Ghaziabad luxury housing scenario, T&T is all set to dominate the market share in the region yet again, with analysts already expecting a significant growth in the group's market share in the near future.