Purina Pet care Focusses on the Power of Nutrition


New Delhi, 03 November, 2020.

Dogs are a bundle of energy and are often looked at as a constant companion for the pet parents. Pet parents are looking for opportunities to achieve a healthy and active life for their pets. However, due to the gradually shrinking large open spaces and limited physical activity for their beloved dogs, proper health and fitness becomes hard to achieve. In order to assist these pet parents to unleash the true potential of their dogs, Purina Petcare India has come up with the latest campaign for its brand – Supercoat. The television commercial focuses on the power of nutrition and how good nutrition shows on dogs in their active lifestyle, healthy and shiny coat and stronger muscles.


Talking about the campaign, Mr. Gaurav Kumar Kwatra, Director of Purina Petcare India said, “Making right choices in terms of nutrition for your pets is extremely crucial. It goes a long way in ensuring that your pets are healthy and active. At Purina, our 120-odd years of experience has shown that when pets are given the proper nutrition, it shows in their overall wellbeing and behavior. Our team of nutritionists, behaviorists, veterinarians and other specialists are constantly innovating to ensure a better life for your pets. Purina Supercoat too is a product of this innovation. We are hopeful that this campaign would help pet parents in search of a better nutritional choice, to unleash the true potential of their dogs.”

The TVC makes an honest attempt in assisting pet-parents unlock an active lifestyle for their pet dogs, powered with the right nutrition - with Supercoat. The advertisement stresses on the fact that nutrition plays an important role in enabling pets to have an active lifestyle.