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Last year’s whirlwind of adverse situations saw couples across the world facemany obstacles, from distance tothe over-familiarity of being together all the time, from financial upheaval to health vulnerabilities, from worrying about the ones they loved to increased responsibilities in every sphere. Every turn brought its own set of anxieties, theuncertainty of going back to work, the challenge of constantly coping with the new normal, all while the threat of the pandemic continued. 

But whatever curveballs life threw their way, couples powered through it all, together. This Valentine’s Day, hence, marks a milestone of a different sort as couples look at a future together in a new way and a new light - the newfound strength of their love being an anchor through it all.

A journey like this can only be commemorated with Platinum Love Bands that are intricately crafted in a metal that’s just as rare and precious as their love -a love that’s lifted them from despair and anxiety,offering hope and reassurance instead, and comfort and courage in the darkest nights. It has taught them that no matter what challenges lie ahead, they can face and overcome them when they are together.

Acknowledging the truth of the times we live in, these Platinum Love Bands pay tribute to couples who have grown #StrongerInLove and displayed values of strength, resilience, empathy, and optimism in the face of the crisis.

While the design narrative includes geometric designs, delicate markings, intricate patterns, clean lines, and hints of precious stones and two-toned pieces, the storytelling celebrates the couple’s unique relationship journey.A journey of a love that over this tumultuous time has grown invincible! The collection is available across 1200+ leading jewellery stores in India

Here are a few of our favourite picks and the meaning behind their designs:

 Together, there’s nothing that love can’t overcome. The undulated surfaces on these platinum love bands capture how a love that is rare can overcomehurdles andturn these moments into milestones to be cherished forever.

 Crafted intricately in platinum, these love bands include diamond motifs, firmly held in place. Platinum, with its inherent strength and density offers an extremely strong hold on diamonds and gemstones, securing them in firm grip for ages to come. A perfect representation of how love keeps you steady even when the world seems to turn on its head. 

The lines in these bejeweled love bands, represent how the two of you, together, can forge a path out of anything towards safe shores. 

The cohesive latticework, beautifully placed on both bandsrepresents the harmony you bring to each other’s life, irrespective of the circumstances.

The circular, solitaire motifs shine bright against platinum’s natural white in these love bands. They symbolize how you inspire each other to shine together.