Rapido Releases New Campaign #GoOhhWithRapido, Highlighting Ways to Beat Traffic


New Delhi, March 2021.

Rapido, India’s largest bike taxi platform, today announced the launch of its new 360-degree marketing campaign #GoOhhWithRapido, that highlights the benefits of using the Rapido service, especially if you are a peak hour traveller. The campaign goes live across the country with a special focus on top metros like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Guwahati and Kolkata. The campaign aims to drive awareness of the advantages of using a bike taxi.

The ad campaign is a rap that takes the consumers through four use cases - aimed at establishing the key pillars of Rapido – Convenience, Affordability, Accessibility and Availability.

In the first case, a young man at the end of his patience waiting for the public transport to arrive, books a Rapido bike service, that arrives in two minutes, which does not only make him but everyone standing at the stop, #GoOhhWithRapido and at its accessibility. The second use case shows a woman getting out of the metro and availing an already available Rapido, making her #GoOhhWithRapido and its availability. The third use case is Rapido helping an employee, who is late for office, reach the office 10 minutes earlier, making the employee and the office security guard and colleagues #GoOhhWithRapido and the convenience it provides while travelling through traffic. The fourth use case show cases a husband reaching home from office on time and at an affordable rate that makes the couple #GoOhhWithRapido.

Announcing the campaign, Amit Verma, Head of Marketing, Rapido, said, “With everyday commuters looking for a safe and affordable option to commute to work in every city, our objective is to increase the awareness about the many advantages that a bike taxi ride provides.  #GoOhhWithRapido is our initiative   to urge viewers to choose an efficient way for everyday commuting. We hope that commuters no more wait for long hours for their commute or feel the need to haggle with drivers to reach their destination and simply book a ride that make them reach their destination, in the most efficient and safe manner.”


The campaign was conceptualised and brought to life by Enormous Brands and was produced by Cinephilia. The rap was sung by the music director, Aman Pant. Rapido recently announced a $20Mn budget for this year’s bullish focus on its marketing efforts and has spent INR 40 crore for the campaign, including media and production costs. 

With the market slowly moving towards normalcy consumers stepping out to travel to work, Rapido aims to put its best efforts to ramp up brand awareness and acquire new users, along with a focus on enhancing in-app user experience.