Toprankers aims to be a lighthouse to all aspirants who want to chart a path other than traditional courses like medical, engineering


Jaipur, 26 August 2022.

There is demand for newer careers and for a workforce that is more flexible and creative. This can only happen if and when there is a societal mindset shift towards careers, and now is the time to start. Toprankers, India’s largest platform for careers beyond the field of engineering and medicine, caters to a wide array of new-age and unconventional careers for multiple segments. The unconventional courses, combined with the institute’s hybrid education model, include the judiciary, management, fashion design, art & architecture, journalism, content writing, and others. 

Engineering (JEE) and medical disciplines have traditionally dominated the Indian coaching sector. Other unorthodox courses that provide a wide range of growth opportunities and a greater employment rate are disregarded. However, the trend is now turning, leading to a larger enrollment percentage in cutting-edge courses. Students are now getting interested in unconventional  courses and their desires are increasing to set new benchmarks for prosperous professions. According to sources, attendance in engineering classes recently reached a 10-year low, clearly indicating a change in students' interests. Toprankers is capitalizing on this trend with unconventional profession options like law, jurisprudence, design, management, and more. Furthermore, over 3 lakh candidates who are interested in the new-age course have been effectively taught by Toprankers so far.

Speaking about this mindset change, Mr. Ashok Vaid, Principal, Maheshwari Public School, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur, mentioned “I reckon TOPRANKERS, with its innovative approach to dynamic career options in the varied fields of Law, Management and Design. This is the need of the hour which would indeed cater to the needs of the students aspiring for careers beyond Engineering and Medicine".

Gaurav Goel, Co-Founder, and CEO, Toprankers says, “Nowadays, students are opting for more unconventional professions. As a result, there are more and better job opportunities for all the aspirants. We are glad that Toprankers is helping millions of students across the country pave a growth-oriented career path. We are committed to continuing our efforts of guiding all the students in the best way possible”.

In the past two years of the pandemic, the education sector has witnessed a sharp shift in learners’ behavior. Instead of going back to regular classes, students want the flexibility of learning at their own pace and the support of teachers & their peers for discipline & increased engagement. Understanding this sentiment, Toprankers also offers bespoke learning programs through hybrid mode, popularly known as Toprankers Classrooms which are now available at Jaipur as well.