Snapchat launches exclusive AR kite game, localised lenses and much more to kickstart harvest festivities in India


New Delhi, January 2023.

The celebration of the harvest festivals holds immense significance in India. Keeping the festive spirit at the pinnacle, Snapchat has launched an AR gaming lens and a host of new AR lenses to celebrate the spirit of Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Magh Bihu, PeddaPanduga, PoushParbon, and Pongal in a fun and interactive way. These new regional lenses are set to capture the joy of this festive period, the onset of spring, and express our gratitude for the opulent harvest for the year.

Snapchatters can now give an exciting AR spin to the festival of kites, with the launch of a new ARkite game,Kite Mania,created by Snap Lens Creator Tanishqua. This fun gaming lens will allow Snapchatters to create their own kite and fly it while collecting the ball of strings and dodging obstacles in the form of scissors and birds that come their way. To give a more personal touch to celebrations, Snapchatters can also use the celebratory Makar Sankranti-themed lens featuring the popular TilLadoos and vibrant kites panning the blue sky.

Localizing the app experience for the Indian Snapchatter community has been a constant focus for Snap Inc. Snapchat is all geared up to welcome the warmth of the Lohri and the sweetness of West Bengal’s PoushParbon with vibrant AR lenses created by Snap Lens Creator Ishpreet Singh, capturing key regional elements like Bonfire for Lohri and a big bowl of Rasgulla for PoushParbon. Furthermore, for Pongal, celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Snapchatters can send wishes to their loved ones through a bright lens with beautiful motifs, featuring the decadent pots of delicious staple Payasam.

Snapchat, this year has taken localization of its lenses to the next level with the introduction of new and special celebratory lenses allowing Snapchatters to enjoy regional festive elements from their favorite harvest festival. From lenses on Assam’s Magh Bihu festival to Andhra Pradesh’s and Telangana’s PeddaPanduga, Snapchat is taking festivities to newer heights.