iAcuity launches “Fund Trail” with advanced features to combat Financial Fraud


New Delhi,  March 2023.

iAcuity Fintech, a leading fintech company that offers innovative analytics solutions to abate and investigate financial fraud and crime, today announced the launch of its advanced crime intelligence analytics capabilities in its flagship product Fund Trail, an automated analytics solution for financial investigations.

The additional features launched enable investigators to identify links across cases by identifying common suspects and perpetrators. These game changing features will streamline the investigation process by building a financial transaction profile of suspects and highlighting linkages to cases and other suspects in the system. Investigators can thereby rely on existing information saving them immense time and effort. 

Fund Trail is the world’s first end-to-end hyper-automated analytics platform which helps to identify and investigate crime with the use of AI and big data technology. The solution supports forensic auditors, law enforcement agencies, tax authorities, regulators and financial institutions to conduct effective investigations by providing actionable insights. It also helps to spot irregularities and suspicious conduct that are essential to the investigation on frauds like embezzlement, misappropriation of loans, terror funding, money laundering, tax fraud, round tripping, cybercrimes, bribery, corruption, ponzi schemes, etc.

Mr. Gaurav Batheja, CEO, iAcuity Fintech said, “Around 8.84 Lacs complaints were reported under the online financial fraud category of the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal from January 2021 to November 30, 2022. As we witness a significant rise, we believe our solution is a game changer in helping government authorities and even enterprises to fight these frauds. iAcuity Fund Trail is a powerful and innovative platform which will help in the identification and mitigation of all potential financial hazards that not only have an impact on the organization but also harm its reputation. At iAcuity, we put our full effort into the creation of our innovative products, concentrating on technological developments and the accuracy of the solution.” 

According to recent reports, the Union government’s Cyber Crime portal (cybercrime.gov.in) receives over 3,500 complaints of financial fraud a day. The flagship solution from iAcuity helps empower law enforcement with modern investigative approaches, combined with security and scalability.

As traditional investigations involve extensive manual drudgery, thereby taking months and limiting the scope of analysis, Fund Trail is the best route that enables high accuracy and helps alleviate manual drudgery of analysing bank statements. Fund Trail provides a variety of comprehensive analysis reports and visualizations of all transactions that drive various kinds of investigations.

iAcuity Fund Trail’s advanced data ingestion engine ingests bank statements in various formats, automatically validates quality of data for accurate results, cleans and organizes data for impactful analysis, discovers transaction behaviors and patterns with customizable dashboards. and analyzes flow of funds using forensic accounting models.