World Astronomy Day- Orchids The International School, Nevta, organizes an astronomy exhibition


Jaipur, May 2023.

Orchids The International School (OIS) Nevta, Jaipur, organized an Astronomy Exhibition in which students presented their models in astronomy.  Students from grades 4 to 8 participated in this exhibition and presented their scientific art beautifully through models. Some of the models included the procedure of spacecraft, moon phases, celestial bodies, the earth's revolution, the solar system, geostationary satellites, rocket satellites, solar and lunar eclipses, etc.

Parents who visited the exhibition were in awe of the models created by the students. Parents praised the children's inventiveness and scientific approach and wished them the best of luck for their future.

“To be honest, the models featured take us back to our high school days. We were also able to see our children's models and meet with astronomers from the Astronomy Club of Orchids The International School, who were part of the display. Learning about the children's studies and the models they created was fascinating. It was fantastic to see the young students demonstrate in such a way that explained the issue thoroughly to all of the parents, "said Preeti Meena & Manoj Kumar Meena, Parents of Ishika Meena, Grade 2, Orchids The International School.

Mrs. Nidhi Kapoor, the school's principal said, " I am really proud to witness the creativity among my students, and the models were exemplary. Parents were quite happy and opined that a school's involvement in this type of work is significant to highlight the talents of all of these children. Astroverse Orchids astronomy club of Orchids The International School will also recognise such children's ideas in the future.”