Snapchat's 'AR Pichkari' Lens Takes Holi to the Next Level: Splash Friends and Family With Over One Lakh Colors!


New Delhi, March 2024.

Adding an extra splash of color to the country’s vibrant Holi celebrations, Snapchat launches a unique Holi-themed AR Lens, AR Pichkari. The lens offers Indian Snapchatters an immersive and unique way to celebrate Holi by splashing over one lakh colors, making it a first-of-its-kind Lens by Snapchat.

Turning their phones into an AR Pichkari, Snapchatters will be able to splash colorful water on their friends using the back camera – bringing the joy of Holi celebration.

For those who prefer keeping things clean, this lens is the ultimate colorful solution to join all the fun, without any of the fuss. With one lakh colors for Snapchatters to play Holi with, this lens makes one of the most vibrant additions to Snap’s collection of festive lenses.

Developed by Ronin Labs, the experience begins with a countdown that initiates the flow of water which can be controlled with the user's phone movements. Snapchatters can follow their friends with the camera to drench them in a splash of vibrant colors. As the timer runs out, a joyful "Holi Hai!!"  message appears on the screen – showering the festive spirit of Holi into the lives of millions of Snapchatters.

Indian Snapchatters love using AR lenses to celebrate festivals, and special moments and share their everyday moments, with over 85% of Snapchatters using AR lenses to express themselves visually. Given their love for celebrating these cultural moments online, Snapchat introduces unique localised AR experiences for festivals every year – solidifying its position as the destination for visual celebrations of key cultural moments in the country.