IIIT-Hyderabad Announces New Measures to Improve Gender Diversity


HYDERABAD, 27 January, 2020:  IIIT-Hyderabad has decided to take positive steps to improve the gender ratio among its undergraduate students. Towards this goal, the institute has set a target of 25% representation of girls among students admitted to the 4-year BTech program through the JEE mode of admission for 2020-2021. Several measures are being taken to facilitate this, including:

  •  Introduction of scholarships, fellowships, and partial waiver of tuition for girl students;
  •  Partial/full waiver of application fee; and
  • Establishment of a diversity pool of seats for the JEE mode of admission.

Events will also be organized at various points in the admission season to publicise what the institute offers in terms of academics, extra-curricular activities, scholarship opportunities, and residential facilities. 

Deadline for applications is May 19, 2020.