Celebrate Karnataka Day with the unique ‘Learn Kannada’ Snapchat lens


Bangalore, 30 October, 2020.

One of Snapchat’s Official Lens Creators - Atit Kharel has created a new experience to mark Karnataka Day. His ‘Learn Kannada’ lens allows people to learn the language in a fun and easy way through Augmented Reality on Snapchat, and celebrate the legacy of the vibrant state of Karnataka.

Karnataka Rajyotsava - also known as Karnataka Day - is a colourful celebration of the rich culture and history of Karnataka. Kannada is the most widely spoken language in the state, and one of the most beautiful languages in India. Whether you live in Karnataka or are simply interested in learning the language, this year you can get started with the ‘Learn Kannada’ lens - only on Snapchat - designed by Atit Kharel, an Official Lens Creator from Nepal.

The lens uses Augmented Reality and machine learning to recognise objects and translate their name to Kannada in real-time. Snapchatters just have to point their cameras at an object to scan it, and the lens automatically displays the English and Kannada names, along with a phonetic transcription of the word to help with pronunciation, so you can learn the language one word at a time.

The lens is available on Snapchat by searching ‘Learn Kannada’,  scanning the Snapcode below, or clicking this link on your phone.

“I have always been fascinated by the cultural diversity of Karnataka. The idea behind the lens was to make learning Kannada fun and easy - especially for new learners. I previously created a lens to encourage Snapchatters to learn Hindi, and seeing the success it has had, I was excited to create similar experiences for Snapchatters. Karnataka Day was the perfect opportunity. The lens is really easy to use and there are over 1000 words to learn,” commented Atit Kharel, Snapchat Official Lens Creator.