aawaz.com launches its Urdu edition of audio originals and podcasts.


Mumbai, January 2021.

aawaz.com announces the launch of its Urdu edition. aawaz is India's largest podcast and spoken-word audio on-demand and podcast network with 100% original audio content. Live since January 2019, with Hindi, English, and Marathi audio programming, the audio network has now expanded to Original Audio in Urdu, hosting a total of 1000+ hours of audio content.


Existing users of the aawaz app can listen to English, Hindi, Marathi, and Urdu content by simply choosing their preference within the app or on the website.

At the time of launch, listeners of aawaz will be able to access Four Urdu Original audio shows across genres including, Biographies of renowned poets & authors, Sher-o-Shayari, Urdu Ghazals and Nazms or Poetry. The lineup of various shows brings out the true spirit of the language.


Signature shows include ‘Main Shayar Toh Nahi’ which narrates stories of famous Urdu poets like Majhrooh Sultanpuri, Mirza Galibh, Kafi Azmi and many more. There is another show called Sher-o-Shayari which recites Urdu poetry by poets like Jaun Eliya, Nida Fazli, Gulzar, Rahat Indori among others.


aawaz is a product by Mumbai based Agrahyah Technologies Pvt Ltd. Commenting on the Urdu edition launch, aawaz CEO Sreeraman Thiagarajan said, "After Hindi and Marathi, Urdu is widely read and has the second-largest number of publications. At aawaz we would receive requests for the language, which is not just restricted to people who speak Urdu regularly. People love to listen Urdu poetry, ghazals and shayari that’s why we decided to introduce audio shows dedicated to this language.”


“In our endeavor to bring Indian languages on a single platform, we have added Urdu language podcasts to our kitty. Urdu language is liked by all, and this is a small step to bring the various offerings in Urdu in the form of poetry, ghazals, and Shayari. Our team has taken a lot of efforts to collate the biographies of renowned Urdu poets and bring them to the audience. We have taken right efforts to offer high quality audio shows to our Urdu listeners", says Rushabh Vasa, Co-founder& CTO of aawaz.com