Petpooja launches Tvito, a restaurant marketing app to promote sustainable growth for restaurants


Jaipur, 17 October 2022.

Petpooja, India’s no.1 billing software provider for the retail F&B sector, is expanding its business with the launch of Tvito, a revolutionary restaurant marketing app that enables restaurants to market themselves and gain a wider customer reach to grow sustainably.

Tvito is an application supported in android & iOS, developed after months of research & years of analysing the restaurant market & its requirements. Post the extensive R&D, the Petpooja team discovered that, on average, a restaurant misses more than 30-40% of business opportunities due to a lack of any form of marketing. And for every outsourced marketing & creation of a design, they bear the cost of at least INR 300 for a single graphic.

To bridge this gap & promote gradual, sustainable growth, the Petpooja team worked towards building Tvito, a tool that empowers retail F&B to use digital marketing as a channel to connect with their customers.

The highlight of the game-changing app is its simplicity. Tvito focuses on providing a user-friendly interface and all-inclusive & different types of customisable templates at an affordable price. The app enables restaurant owners and staff to manage social media marketing seamlessly, and given its easy-to-use design and innovative model, the app has been incredibly successful. Since its recent launch, Tvito already has 27,000+ downloads with more than 1500 DAU & more than 60% MAU.


Tapan Patel, VP of New Initiatives, Petpooja, commented, “The F&B space is expanding at a breakneck pace in India, with new restaurants emerging frequently. Given the cut-throat competition, restaurants need to be able to reach customers efficiently, and content and design are instrumental in helping them achieve this. With Tvito by Petpooja, restaurants can engage with their audience in a unique and impactful manner. We have built Tvito specifically as an easy-to-use application that will allow staff and restaurant owners to leverage it to drive customer reach and acquisition. We have already received a phenomenal response from restaurants who use Tvito, and we will continue to improvise the tool to enhance its workings.”