Tata Motors' commitment to upskilling Creating a future-ready workforce and buildingtalent for the auto sector


Mumbai, October  2023.

Tata Motors, India’s leading automobile manufacturer and the pioneer of the EV revolution in India, is implementing a multi-pronged strategy to develop a rightly skilled and future-ready workforce focused on EVs and other new age technologies, as well as developing talent for India’s rapidly growing and dynamically evolving auto sector.

With focus on capability-building being critical to navigate through the rapid technology advancements and changing market dynamics, Tata Motors has adopted a holistic approach to upskilling. Specially curated training modules address the requisite developmental needs of all - from shop floor technicians to line engineers, and plant management. These modules deliver relevant technical skills, functional skills, as well as managerial and leadership capabilities.

Upskilling Tata Motors employees to create a future ready workforce:

Tata Motors has set an ambitious aspiration of equipping over 50% of its workforce with new age auto tech capabilities within 5-years.In FY23, over 3,40,000 hours were invested in specialised training and development by Tata Motors employees. This training and development is being delivered in various forms and formats.

·         Certification in CESS through collaboration with Tech Partners: Tata Motors has collaborated with ARAI, Bosch, Mathworks, SAE,Tata Technologies Limited, and other organizations to provide its employees with professional certification programmes in Connected, Electric, Shared and Safe (CESS). This includes domain expert level modules on Advanced ADAS, Battery Technology, V2X connectivity, Blockchain & Cyber security, Big Data Analytics, and more. By partnering with these organisations, Tata Motors ensures that its employees receive quality education and hands-on experience in emerging technologies.


·         Transforming mechanics to auto electronics: Tata Motors has co-created bespoke courses in partnership with local universities. These company-sponsored programmes provide employees with higher education opportunities including B.Tech, M.Tech, and also Executive MBA. Collaborations with renowned institutes includingBITS Pilani, MIT-ADT University Pune, Institute of Technology Nirma University, Symbiosis International (Deemed Universities), Ganpat University, DY Patil International University, Oxford Polytechnic, ARKA Jain Universityand Amity University, for specialised programmes enables employees to further develop their technical, professional, and leadership skills required to excel and optimise the opportunities ahead.


·         Higher education for shopfloor Technicians: A higher education programme designed specifically for shop floor technicians working across plants enables them to pursue a'Diploma in Engineering' with a focus on auto electrical and electronics, mechatronics, and specialized welding skills. This programme enables technicians to acquire the necessary qualifications for growth and to meet the evolving demands of the automotive industry.


·         Digital Transformation and E-Learning: Embracing digital transformation, Tata Motors has embarked on a journey of curated functional e-learnings and virtual classrooms for all employees. By leveraging digital technologies, the company provides accessible and efficient learning opportunities that cater to the diverse needs of its workforce. This approach allows employees to upskill at their own pace and convenience, ensuring continuous growth and development.



Upskilling Ex-Ford Employees in the Newly Acquired Plant at Sanand, Gujarat

Post-acquisition ofthe Ford India facility at Sanand in January 2023, Tata Motors partnered with Gujarat's renowned Ganpat University to upskill 100% of the newly acquired workforce.Curated learning programmesdeveloped by the University in collaboration and with inputs from Tata Motors are beingoffered on the latest, future oriented manufacturing technologies including Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Advanced Control Engineering,and Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Processes. Trainings on new age auto systems like ADAS, Connected cars, CESS, Control system, etc. are being delivered via a judicious mix of classroom sessions and practical trainings at various levels – Postgraduate (MTech), Graduate (BTech), and Diploma.Individual candidates are enrolled for the appropriate level programme as per their eligibility.Theseadvanced courses, which began in February 2023, are being enthusiastically pursued by over 820 employees.

Apprenticeship programme: Developing Qualified and Skilled Talent Pool for Tata Motors ecosystem and Industry at large

Tata Motors' flagship full-time Apprenticeship Programme, demonstratescommitment to developing young, skilled, agile, and digital-enabled professionals. The programme focuses on in-demand skills like mechatronics, IoT, robotics, and AI, offering hands-on training that prepares students for rewarding careers in the automotive industry. Students with ITI/12th pass backgrounds are trained in specific skills via a novel‘Learn & Earn’ model. On successful completion, apprenticesare capable to secure jobsacross the auto industry and its enabling ecosystem, ensuring a smooth transition from learning to employment. More than 13,000 students are currently enrolled in the programme. Over 88% of successful pass outs areworking with channel partners. The percentage of registered women participants in FY24 has more than quadrupled from FY22.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in manufacturing

Tata Motors fosters workplaces that promote diversity and equal opportunities. The company has taken significant steps towards increasing gender diversity on the shopfloor, with the TCF assembly line in their Pune Plant being entirely operated and managed by women employees. Currently, Tata Motors has over 4500 women employees working on the shopfloor across all plants, exercising a range of functional capabilities. This commitment to diversity ensures a more inclusive and innovative work environment.



Speaking about upskilling employees and the comprehensive learning programme, Mr. Sitaram Kandi, Vice President – HR, Passenger Vehicles and Electric Vehicles, said, “We are committed to further taking forward Tata Motor’s established legacy of nation building and being the pioneer in the Indian auto industry. A dynamically evolving industry like ours mandates consistent upskilling and trainingto remain ahead of the curveand future ready. Tata Motors has evolved into a learning organisation with a structured and thoughtful approach to upskilling. Collaborating withtech partners and academic institutions, tailor-made training programmes, a nationwide ‘learn & earn’ apprenticeship programme and a sharp focus on diversity and inclusion, is enabling us to develop and nurture a capable, future-ready workforce that is fit to excel. We are doing this not just for ourselves and our channel partners but also for the Indian auto industry at large as well its enabling ecosystem.”