EuroSchool Students Visit NASA


MUMBAI, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- EuroSchool, India's leading network of K-12 schools with 11 schools in 6 cities, had organized a unique initiative for its students to visit NASA this November. It was an 11 day educational program, which covered the US East Coast Space Adventure, giving students an exposure and understanding of the nation and how it became the greatest super-power.

EuroSchool students were taken to the most advanced space technology center at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre, Universal Studios and Disneyland. The visit enabled students with a unique journey that helped them discover, experience, explore and document their learning in a photo book as well as author it themselves.

The students got an opportunity to travel through NASA's working facility which is also one of the most highly secured areas in the world which includes the Launch Pad sites, VAB and the launch control center. The EuroSchool students experienced an interactive simulator experience of the lift-off Apollo 11, coming face to face with the largest, heaviest and expensive rocket ever built - the Saturn V. They also got a chance to touch a piece of the moon rock & witness the landing of the Eagle on the moon's surface. 

A visit to Atlantis Museum, riding the simulator that makes one experience G-force as strong as an actual launch into the space were amongst the other attractions. The students also got a chance to visit Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure. The unique experience continued with a visit to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, which is the world's largest collection of space and aviation artifacts. The visit to Harvard and MIT campuses enthused them to come back as students of these prestigious institutes in future.

The Principal Sudeshna Chatterjee, EuroSchool Airoli, said, "This opportunity has given international exposure to our students who got a chance to interact and engage with people of varied nationalities. Our students gained immense knowledge from this visit. This entire programme was an enriching experience for our students and opened new frontiers for them to explore."

The Principal Renuka Dutta EuroSchool Wakad, Pune, said, "This unique opportunity has given an enriching experience and an international exposure to our young students. Our students could interact with different people of various nationality. The students gathered an immense information of the progression and advancement of science and development, culture of a highly developed nation. The entire NASA visit has motivated our students to think beyond school."