Bringing Science to Nutrition, Sova Health aims to take the guesswork out of eating right


New Delhi, December 18th, 2019: Sova Health (, India’s first precision nutrition platform guides users towards a healthier lifestyle with personalized nutrition advice based on blood biomarker analysis. Headquartered in Singapore and backed by global early-stage VC firm Antler, the company has recently launched operations in India.

Sova Health was founded by seasoned entrepreneur Tanveer Singh,  Israeli geneticist Max Kushnir and ex-Walmart Labs engineer Rahul Tiwari. The web-based platform takes the guesswork out of eating right by using data drawn from blood, habits, exercise and lifestyle choices to make ultra-customized recommendations for their user’s nutritional needs. “Given that different people have different body composition and different needs, the right diet is one that supplements deficiencies and complements lifestyle,' said Sova’s technical advisor Michal Efrat, Senior Nutritionist and Advisor to the Ministry of Health, Israel.

The company offers convenience, accuracy and efficiency to its users by adding science to nutrition. Users start by answering key questions about their lifestyle. Based on this, a customized blood panel is curated for them and an accredited diagnostic lab partner collects a blood sample from their home. 24 hours later, they receive an actionable biomarker report which is further analysed to create a precise nutrition plan from registered nutritionists over weekly consultations. The customer is tested again after 60 days to measure progress. 

Decades of research have proven that the use of blood biomarker analysis is the safest, most reliable and effective method for nutrition counselling. “In India, 88% of people are vitamin D deficient, 50% of women are anaemic and 50% of Type 2 Diabetes cases remain undiagnosed until after permanent damage. During the biomarker analysis, we can identify chronic conditions that a user could be prone to. We want to positively impact the quality of life that people are living today”, said Max Kushnir, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, Sova Health.

Sova offers services that help manage weight, combat sleep disorders, understand and correct hormonal imbalances and improve digestive health to name a few. Sharing her experience with Sova Health, Manuja mentioned, ”After the birth of my daughter, I wanted to lose weight and went on a diet. I was exhausted all the time but never realized that it was linked to my new diet. Sova helped me identify the right food for my body. They actually pushed me to eat more and it helped me lose weight, improve my energy levels and even sleep better.”

“Every day, there’s a new diet trend: “Eat that; do this; avoid those!” We cut through the noise by analyzing your blood, your lifestyle and nutrition habits, and guide you on how to live, look, age, and perform better. We don’t just tell you what to eat, we tell you why. And we help you adjust over time.” added Tanveer Singh, Co-founder and CEO, Sova Health.

“Sova Health has the potential to revolutionize the nutrition industry by applying data-backed scientific research and technology to nutrition counselling. We're very excited to be supporting the team behind Sova Health on their important mission to help people avoid or delay the onset of chronic diseases, said Fridtjof Berge, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Antler.

Sova Health has launched its service in Delhi NCR and is setting up infrastructure and partnerships in Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad. As part of the launch, Sova is offering limited users a 30-day trial subscription for only Rs. 199.