Helpyyy brought the only solution to your every small and big problem


Bhopal, September 26, 2020.

 Helpyyy App which that has been gaining limelight due to its unique booking features, launched today in a closed door event. Helpyyy has come up with most robust online booking features till date, with a great user friendly interface for Android and iOS users. Helpyyy claims to be present at its customer’s service at anytime, anywhere with bikes, bike delivery, LCV, MCV, HCV, auto delivery, loading autos and P&M services. Whether it is delivery of home essentials from malls or close by grocery store to moving houses Helpyyy riders are at your service 24x7.

On the launch occasion, Helpyyy Founder and Young Entrepreneur NS Raghuvanshi said, "Helpyyy is going to be the only solution for all your problems ranging from everyday logistic needs to one time occurring house shifting everything just at a click. Helpyyy will also prove to be an important platform for drivers as they will also earn 90% of their per trip rental in their wallet.” He also added; “If you wish to pay online or through a wallet that features is also available. Other than that if in case you are in an emergency of cash in such a situation, Helpyyy will help you. You can reach out to Helpyyy rider or customer car, pay them online and collect cash in return.”

Helping people is a part of their upbringing for the 27-year-old NS, who hails from Ujjain, the city of Mahakal. NS is a true innovator from his basic habit and practice of helping he gave birth to a new innovative business idea. Raghuvanshi is aiming to give a extremely interactive consumer interface with youthful thought process. Helpyyy will also help in making your everyday wallet, mobile, document, grocery etc. items safe for you. The special thing is that hundreds of jobs are also likely to be created through this business idea and Helpyyy.

Great features synergy

First of all, let us understand how Helpyyy plans to help you in an easy and accessible way. Helpyyy has all kinds of heavy non-heavy vehicles available for immediate service. These include two wheelers, three wheelers to loading auto, LCV, MCV and HCV amongst others. Now you have to just book a ride for your house shifting or movement of office goods from one place to another, pick up an order from a shop, or have any salmon of essentials to be delivered just stay safe at home and book it all via Helpyyy. The unique feature is that you can book and track your ride live as well as schedule it ahead of time.

How does Helpyyy Work?

With Helpyyy App you simply need to book any of your rides 10 to 15 minutes in advance. After the ride is booked details/information of which item/product you want to pick or get dropped needs to be filled in. Along with this, you also get information about the fair for your ride. If you are booking a ride for someone else, then it is also important to fill their detailed information. Once the ride is booked, you get all the information like the delivery boy or driver's name, number.