New Delhi, 1st December, 2020.

As the counterfeiting industry continues to grow, Zippo shines a light on the benefits of keeping it real this festive season. Across the country, as people look to buy portable flames to illuminate their celebrations, Zippo is highlighting the problem of buying fake flames versus the benefits of owning a true original windproof lighter.

As counterfeiters flood the market, incidents of fakes are increasing by 24 per cent a year*, primarily targeting lifestyle and apparel brands. Zippo has partnered with a community of influencers and rap artist DIVINE to draw attention to the underground industry and the potential problems associated with buying substandard products, whilst educating consumers on how to spot the real deal.

The Zippo windproof lighter is known for its iconic design and unwavering durability, which has fuelled look-a-likes and unauthorized decoration of fake Zippo lighters around the world. To highlight this, underground rap artist DIVINE, known for his authenticity and passion for highlighting the big issues, is working with Zippo to remind people that it’s not cool to be fake.

DIVINE says of working with Zippo: “My fans know that I’m all about facing the truth head on. The big issues inspire me to write, they connect me to my fans, and authenticity is crucial to me.  When Zippo asked me to help shine a light on the dark world of counterfeiting – a major problem in India – I was keen to help. There’s nothing cool about being fake. Fake products make people vulnerable to potential dangers and in many cases leave people feeling cheated. Realness wins out against fake, every time. This is a truth I can get behind.''

Lucas Johnson, Senior Brand Manager, Zippo Global Marketing, says; “We’re excited to be working with DIVINE to shine a light on the counterfeiting industry, and encourage people to buy safe, authentic windproof lighters, armed with the knowledge to recognize the real deal. In addition, we’re launching the Diwali windproof lighter collection to showcase the lighters’ many features, one of which is the unique identification code, which ensures you can be confident you’re carrying a true original at all times.''

To celebrate the one true original Zippo windproof lighter and to mark the five-day festival of lights, Zippo has curated this Diwali inspired five-piece windproof lighter collection. All the lighters included in the collection, with their distinctive design, trademarked shape and the Zippo ‘click’, take their inspiration from the Diwali themes of the victory of light over darkness, the celebration of wealth and knowledge, and the observance of festival rituals.

With over 300,000 unique designs created in the last 90 years, Zippo continues to work hard to protect the reputation and creative integrity of its iconic windproof lighter. This campaign is the latest from the brand to support its authorized network of distributors and retailers and to ensure the product that ends up in your pocket has the true original Zippo stamp of quality.