Havaianas Make Runway Debut at the India Fashion Week ’19


As the name suggests India fashion Week defines the style goals for the Fashion brigade of the country. Fashionistas across India, look forward to attending this glam fest to flaunt their fashionable best. Cause its not just the designs showcased on the ramp that matter but also the ones worn by the elite few attending. This season, IFW saw a rather unusual trend on the rise – Havaianas!

Twisting the fashion game, the iconic Brazilian flip flops, were trending across the venue. Havaianas cemented themselves as the unlikely “it” shoe of India fashion Week over the weekend. Following a recent rise in popularity among fashion influencers, Havaianas were spotted on multiple influencers at the India Fashion Week. Leading fashion bloggers like Aanchal Goel, Pooja Mittal, Shambhavi Mishra and many more sported Havaianas flip-flops with their outfits. Whether it was skirts, pantsuits, gowns or the bling, Havaianas was clearly a fashion week favourite. The men too weren’t far behind with male fashion influencers like Rahul Prabhakar joining the casual chic bandwagon with their Havaianas.

The addition of Havaianas to the runway is the latest instance of the emerging trends coming out of the luxury design houses, where comfort and simplicity is successfully merging with directional design creating a new aesthetic for a modern consumer. Like their international counterparts, Fashionistas in India, too, seem to have become Havaianas loyalists and have left no occasion to flaunt their favourite flipflops. Havaianas make the humble flipflops one of the most exciting fashion trends of year. These beauties are not just comfortable but are a fashion statement in themselves. This new fusion has given a head start to fashion enthusiasts to make flip-flops the new cool. It’s time you pick up yours too.