Orchids The International School, Nevta, celebrates Mother’s Day with a spectacular fashion show


Jaipur, May 2023.

Orchids The International School, Nevta, organized a memorable Mother’s Day program. The highlight of the event was a dazzling fashion show, where all the mothers elegantly walked the ramp alongside their children.

The Mother’s Day program at Orchids The International School aimed to honour and celebrate mothers' extraordinary roles in their children's lives. The event provided a platform for mothers to showcase their styles, grace and the special bond they share with their kids. The atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement as the mothers, decked out in their finest attire, gracefully walked down the runway hand in hand with their children.

Ms Geetika Sharma, mother of Saanvi Sharma, grade 4, also the winner in the fashion show, expressed her gratitude for the event saying, “ I am overwhelmed by the love and appreciation received today. It was an incredible opportunity to create beautiful memories with my child and celebrate the essence of motherhood. The school has provided a platform for us to bond and shine together.

Mrs Nidhi Kapoor, the principal, shared her thoughts on the occasion stating, “  We believe that mothers play a vital role in shaping the child’s future. The Mother’s Day program was a special tribute to the unconditional love, dedication and sacrifices they make daily for their children. Watching the immense talent and grace displayed by them during the fashion show was a delight. We are happy to provide a nurturing environment where mothers and children can come together and celebrate their beautiful bond.”