Shree Jagannath Swamy Ramgopal Trust extends the facilities for pilgrims


Hyderabad, November, 2019: Established in 1920, Shree Jagannath Swamy Ramgopal Trust recently fully reconstructed its Dharamshala at Mathura with additional amenities for the pilgrims.The Dharamshala is situated at Prayag Ghat on the banks of Yamuna river and in the close vicinity of the famous Dwarakadheesh Temple.The present diety (Sri Krishna’s idol) in Dwarakadeesh Temple was in the Dharamshala property (known as old Temple) and later shifted to the existing temple premises.


With an outlay of INR 2 Crores, the new facilities at the Dharamshala include 10 furnished Air-conditioned rooms and 5 regular rooms to ensure a comfortable stay. The Dharamshala also offers the facility of a about 3,000 sqft spacious Air-Conditioned hall which can be used for various religious festivals and occasions. The speciality of the Dharamshala is that it is fully protected from monkeys due to installation of reinforced iron mesh in all open areas.


The Dharamshala wasformally inaugurated onthe 5th of September by Shri Harikishen Ji Malani, Chairman of the Trust.  It was opened was pilgrims stay thereafter.


TheTrust currently runs the operations of over 20 properties including 3 temples with the objective to ensure comfortable experience for pilgrims and devotees.Bulk of the revenue comes from the properties donated entirely by Late Shri Ramgopal Malani.  This helpsmanage the temples and the choultries.The properties includeJagannath Temple, Satyanarayana Temple and Hanuman Temple allin Secunderabad and 3 Dharamshala’s one eachin Mathura (Uttar Pradesh), Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) & Basar (Telangana).


Now the 7th generation descendants of Late Diwan Bahadur Ramgopal Malani( the founder of the Trust)  are in charge of management of the Trust.Speaking on the philanthropic work done by the Trust,Mr. Purshottam Malani, Founder Family Trustee, said,“Since over a century the Malani family has been contributing to lot of philanthropic work benefiting the people and society. In this context, we are now taking necessary steps to make it comfortable for all the pilgrims and devotees. We are undertaking development of all temples and the properties of the Trust as per the modern standards”