Tradingo launches an all-dynamic personalized app for trading


New Delhi, India, January 18th 2023.


Tradingo, a discount brokerage firm facilitating manifold trading activities, develops a new enhanced feature for its clients to leverage the volatility of the Indian stock market. Timely trades and insights anent market movements are two prime instruments that can impact your market decisions. With low latency and super-fast execution of orders, retail investors can get instant updates on market trends on Tradingo’s app, enabling efficient and prolific gains.


The average age of retail investors in India has significantly decreased, and as a result, more industries have adopted high-grade technology to meet the evolving behavior pattern of young traders. In addition to employing Microsoft's latest dot net core framework with a distributed micro services architecture, Tradingo has also devised an algorithm to provide personalized recommendations based on users' past investing/trading behavior. These algorithms can be beneficial for young market players who are new in the trading sphere and know little about the stock market play. The curated recommendation can further simplify the complex aspects of trade resulting in the development of a keen understanding at minimal loss incurred. 


Commenting on the development, Mr. Parth Nyati, Founder, Tradingo said,” The year 2022 saw a sharp rise in the percentage of retail investors in India. As more and more people are garnering monetary skills, it is essential to sustain this interest by safeguarding their trading income. We all know how powerful the tool of timing is in the market and how slight delays can cause abrupt price results. With Tradingo’s new update, people can trade more efficiently with timely insights and rapid order placements, so that their investment activities and expected predictions can go hand-in-hand without any delay. Moreover, users who aren't so acquainted with the stock market can trade directly from our app's devised suggestions in just three clicks. We aim at making trade simplified with speed.”


Markets can sometimes take unforeseeable turns. In such instances, young investors might need someone to give assurance regarding the security of their assets. Tradingo provides a constructive platform where customers can initiate direct conversations with the research team right from the app. Since there is no IVR for calls and trading, users won't have to wait too long to speak with the executives. The company has implemented a cloud telephony technology infrastructure keeping the interest and concerns of the traders, in mind. 


With the idea of prioritizing the users first, Trading aims to make trading and investing activities more lucrative and comprehendible for its users. By leveraging the agility provided the apps’ latest update, users can have an edge over others in market trading.